Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thought for

Interesting features:
Interactive: when moving the mouse over the blue dot (represent the common website between 2 search engine, small thumbnail of the website is pop-up)
--> Idea for the project:
The visualization will display “level 1” (the most general view of the finding), onMouseOver individual cluster, “level 2” (more details view will either pop ups or there will be a button that maximize the “level 2” view …. See my prototype figures below)

Informative: small statistic information is provided at the bottom

Convenient: can compare results from different search engines ... this feature can be used to find the best “results” that are listed in both engines (more likely that those results are what user want based on some ranking conditions from both search engines)
--> idea: we can let user set up something like their “favorite” visualize style for the visualization and provide several styles (eg. 2D, 3D visualization, clustering etc rather than have 1 “fixed” visualization like many projects I come across) ... Just the though, havent actually involve on the programming steps so Im not sure whether it is feasible to do so (take into account the time and other resources)

Picture above illustrate the "matrix grid" that provide general thumbnails for several websites ...("finding", or level 1 info). The title on top of each website is a "Rotate" button that when click will maximize or minimize the website according to the previous state of the site (the maximize version of "Yahoo mail" website is illustrate below)


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