Wednesday, July 20, 2005

[IRRELEVANT 1] A thought for the project

I haven’t come across anything in data mining visualization that uses gesture yet. However when searching for some ASP.NET articles on Google, I had an idea for the project (not quite for the visualization): using character that “talk” through the step (

In clarification, this is what I have in mind:

For the whole application, the user can choose to be integrated with the application using voice or not (maybe some button for “speak”) (because some user may not be “visual thinkers”)
If they choose “speak”, we can feed the message into the character so that the user can listen to the message instead of “reading” the messages … This can be use to save “screen space” for error messages or any notes we want to display
We can let the user “customize” the characters … a bit of distraction from the real “data analysis” work that they are doing … but a bit wont hurt, would it J?
If they don’t choose “speak”, the normal flow of the application will be used

At the moment the “sitepal” allow “add” to website, I haven’t done much research to see whether they have any “dot net” components that we can use to integrate into the project. I will do it if you think this is a good idea)

For the visualization, from what I researched, all the visualization currently is just a new prettier “look” of what have been developed long time ago. I can’t think of any better way of visualize the data.

Already talk to KL about this idea :)


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