Wednesday, July 20, 2005


More about the old way of clustering:

No particular “visualization” suggested by the following links is of interest to me, but I thought it would be a good idea to quote them here so that I can refer to it later on if needed

1 thing I learn by reading those links: we can translate the “query” that the user input in into some “visualization” e.g


(find …. Condition A,B,C)

step taken by the program:

Display query visually

--> load the finding … or any relevant steps to retrieve the information for the finding

--> Visualize the finding

• This search engine is powered by the organisation's Visual Net software, and claims to be the 'natural evolution of search'. Web sites are represented by target symbols, clustered by subject.

• WebBrain offers a hybrid approach to searching, in that it supports the use of text queries and directory browsing.
• When I click on a subject, the display will change to show other related categories. The uncomplicated graphics and logical subject hierarchy  easy to use
• Similar to and Kartoo and other that I have mentioned before

Another website that has very similar interface with this page is


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